Giveaway: Platter and Knife from Breezy

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Look what Breezy’s has for GKC! A French Bull cake plate and super fun and colorful pairing knife.  French Bull makes modern items with fantastic patterns.  Check out the platters, serving pieces, storage pieces, and new knives at Breezy’s!

Breezy’s has a huge stock of everything you need for Passover, from gorgeous gifts, serving pieces, pitchers, crumbers, small bowls for dips and the platters that match and so much more. See photos on facebook or give them a call to order a piece at 516 374 1544.

One GKC winner will serve their delicious desserts on this adorable cake plate and slice and cut in style! Comment to win. Contest ends at midnight on March 24.


  1. sahw37 says

    Pieces are artful & full of lifes colors of spring
    Like the rainbow after a spring rain
    A promise that lifes anew again


  2. Ronna Wolf says

    I love all the beautiful colors! I’ve spent so much getting the essentials for Passover. It would be wonderful to win something so beautiful that I am not able to buy.

  3. Sharmane Miller says

    Love the fact that these are so very colorful!! They would look great on my table! :)

  4. Leah Starkman says

    WOW!!!! It is SO colorful and SO original. Love it and would love to win it too.
    Chag Kosher V’Samaech

  5. says

    Finally! Somebody came up with a way to make my Pesach table look funky, fun and fantastic! What a great idea! Great patterns and colors! Love the store!!!!

  6. miriam says

    this looks so nice and would be such a nice addition to my pesach table if I would win it

  7. says

    My mother in law would have loved this since she loved Pesach and bright happy colors. My grandchildren would probably sit around the table pointing out every color. Who said Pesach can’t be fun?

  8. says

    Just realized this was last year’s prize. Oh well, it would have been nice to win it. Maybe I will have luck with this year’s!