Giveaway: The No-Potato Passover Cookbook

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Did you see this new Passover cookbook? Filled with recipes from around the world and full-color travel photography, The No-Potato Passover is a best-seller and received the 2012 Gourmand Award for the Best Jewish Cuisine in the USA.

Experience Aviva Kanoff’s newly revised and edited The No-Potato Passover (Think outside the Spud).
Aviva Kanoff has gathered delicious, worldwide recipes to revolutionize Passover menus everywhere. Spanning the globe, Aviva’s colorful journey takes us through the plates and palates of a rich gastronomic experience, creating a potato-free Pesach. From Italy to Israel, England to France, Italy to Austria, Croatia to Hungary, and as far and far-out as Jamaica and Morocco, Aviva brings the culinary world to your kitchen workstation.

Leave behind plain potatoes this Passover and opt for healthy and creative options, such as quinoa and spaghetti squash. Make that starchy Passover substitute, the plain potato, an ingredient of Passovers past!

Aviva shared two sneak peak recipes for us to try, Cabbage Soup with Matzoh Meatballs and Poached Peach and Chicken Salad.

GKC has one to giveaway! Comment to win. Have a question for the author, you can submit that too.


  1. Harley says

    What a great idea for a cookbook! The challenge every Pesach is what to use as a starch and thickener that wont make everything taste like paste!

    Don’t get me wrong- potatoes in some fashion are fine- but not for every meal for 8 days!

    Thank you so much to the author for putting this together. I’m off to the bookstore to see if they have copies yet!

  2. Chava says

    I prefer to limit starch in my diet, so this cookbook sounds like a good resource.

  3. Lilian says

    I would love this cookbook! I just went looking for one that was more creative than meat & potatoes, but they didn’t have this – sounds perfect!

  4. says

    Cooking for Pesach is a challenge– too many eggs and lots of potatos. This cookbook promises to address one of these challenges. Yeah.

  5. Vera says

    My children get so tired of potatoes on Pesach. I’d love to try the recipes in “The No-Potato Passover Cookbook”. Thanks!

  6. Sara says

    That sounds like a great cookbook. I am always looking for new recipes to add to my collection!

  7. carolyn says

    This looks like the answer I am looking for! I need recipes without potatos for Passover.

  8. Aidel.K says

    Both of those recipes look delicious and easy! Sign me up. Thanks for the recipes–hoping I win the cookbook.

  9. sherry says

    Looks like a terrific cookbook. I am always looking for new recipes for Passover as well as year round. Thanks

  10. Penina Honig says

    I know several people who cannot eat potatoes and have a hard time on pesach. This looks like an answer for their wives!

  11. sara friedman says

    looking for a cookbook without potatoes we just eat too much potatoe on passover. Sounds really great would realy like to try this cookbook!!!

  12. Shirah says

    It is so exciting to have lighter options on a very heavy holiday that is SO food centric!

  13. Meryl says

    I’m diabetic and try to avoid potatoes and other starches. Not easy on Passover. Thanks for new ideas.

  14. R says

    This cookbook sounds like a dream! Until now a potato-free Pesach was pretty much like saying “Skip the wine & matzah!” Pounds off to you, Aviva!

  15. says

    I am grateful that I have a full house for Pesach- but with four children under the age of 5- it gets pretty hectic. No matter how much I do ahead of time, there’s only so much that can be done. This cookbook sounds great for young and old alike. Variety is the spice of life, not just sugar and candy!

  16. Benita Mandel says

    I hope this cookbook has some recipes to help me (an overweight diabetic type 2) keep to my diet. Almost all recipes are prepared with matzah and fat. I really need some healthy recipes!

  17. Monica Schvetz says

    I would love to have some new recipes this Pesaj!!!!!!!!!!! We do not use matza meal and one of my kids is allergic to nuts so my options are very limited!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Faleen Fedol says

    One can always use new recipes for Pesach. The recipe you have posted for the chicken salad with poached peaches really looks good. The variety of spices you use should make it a deliciously different meal.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  19. Batsheva Kramer says

    sounds like an oxymoron! I would love to see some if not all of the recipes.

  20. Lisa says

    I would love to add this cookbook to my Passover cookbook collection. I tried to purchase it on Amazon but it is unavailable. I am always looking to add new and exciting options for my family to keep Passover exciting.

  21. Danielle says

    Sounds Yummy!
    Would love to try and spice up out Pesach kitchen, and dying for new ideas.

    Are there No-Gebrokts (Wetted Matzah) recipes?

  22. Cyndi says

    This is perfect for my family – everyone is on a different eating plan, but all of them require minimum, if any potatoes! It’s a challenge, but I could use some help!

  23. Debra says

    I’ve been using the same Passover recipe’s and cookbook for years. The No Potato Cookbook would be a welcome addition to my catalog so that I can “spice” up my menus with some new additions. Can’t wait to try some of these new recipes.

  24. says

    As a nures I am in touch with many people trying to be healthier.Diabetics,in particular need to limit potatoe consumption.I would love to win this cookbook & spread the word,if it looks good