Giveaway: The No-Potato Passover Cookbook

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Did you see this new Passover cookbook? Filled with recipes from around the world and full-color travel photography, The No-Potato Passover is a best-seller and received the 2012 Gourmand Award for the Best Jewish Cuisine in the USA.

Experience Aviva Kanoff’s newly revised and edited The No-Potato Passover (Think outside the Spud).
Aviva Kanoff has gathered delicious, worldwide recipes to revolutionize Passover menus everywhere. Spanning the globe, Aviva’s colorful journey takes us through the plates and palates of a rich gastronomic experience, creating a potato-free Pesach. From Italy to Israel, England to France, Italy to Austria, Croatia to Hungary, and as far and far-out as Jamaica and Morocco, Aviva brings the culinary world to your kitchen workstation.

Leave behind plain potatoes this Passover and opt for healthy and creative options, such as quinoa and spaghetti squash. Make that starchy Passover substitute, the plain potato, an ingredient of Passovers past!

Aviva shared two sneak peak recipes for us to try, Cabbage Soup with Matzoh Meatballs and Poached Peach and Chicken Salad.

GKC has one to giveaway! Comment to win. Have a question for the author, you can submit that too.


  1. Golda says

    I am always looking for new Passover recipes – this sounds like a great resource. Thank you.

  2. Carrie says

    This would be a great addition to my Passover books. We usually have a large group to feed and always have someone with allergies of some kind. I have been using my mothers Jewish cookbook from the 1940s for years. Tried and true recipes. I think I need an update!

  3. Arl ine Friedman says

    The title is intriguing. I am sure the recipes will be too. I would love to win this book and get some new and refreshing ideas for Peach.

  4. Mordechai says

    Last pesach I bought 5 of these books and gave them out to my friends and family. This year they’ve all invited me over, hoping I bring the next edition. So, when are you going to make another one?

  5. Emily says

    I am also interested ina good gluten free passover selection. The book looks wonderful irregardless.

  6. Michal says

    why just passover? this cookbook is beautiful and the recipes will be delicious all year long……

  7. Rachel r says

    This cookbook looks like it is full of year round amazing recipes,can’t wait to own one and cook from it!!!!

  8. Lucy fox says

    Hope that there are very many interesting recipes I can use.
    Passover recipes are great to have!

  9. Kim G. says

    I am always looking for new ideas for Passover. This book looks like it will have lots of good ones.

  10. Shirah says

    Is there an easy substitute for Dijon mustard in salad dressings for pesach? the mustard substitute in our local kosher grocer is too pricey to make it worth the purchase. Is there another option besides leaving it out?

  11. says

    Your cover is the brightest part of the preparations for Pesach. Thanks for making a potato-free cookbook. Let’s leave the potatoes for the Chanukah latkes! I hope I win this beautiful book!

  12. says

    What a huge fan club. It will be really hard to choose just one winner. I am not sure how to distinguish myself from the wonderful cooks who contribute to this website and vie for the fabulous giveaways. I love to cook and regard Pesach cooking as a challenge. My task is to have a meaningful seder and a memorable meal. I also love to tell my many foodie and cook friends about new cookbooks. In fact, our shul is thinking of forming a cookbook of the month club.

  13. Julie says

    What a challenging project but extremely helpful and useful for the public! Kol Hakavod!

  14. Marilyn says

    This cookbook sounds wonderful! I’m always looking for new Pesach recipes. I’d love to win! Thank you!

  15. Zippi Hyman says

    An amazing addition to the numerous Pesach cookbooks out there. This is such a creative enhancement to the usual collections.
    It would be wonderful to cook and serve from a new source that includes new “tried and true” recipes I would appreciate the inspiration.

  16. Sa says

    This is very interesting and exciting. I look forward to cooking the sample recipes. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest

  17. Julie says

    Sounds like a great cookbook, but how is quinoa Kosher for passover in an Ashkenazi home? What would make this grain different from rice? Personally, I love Pesach and love to cook, so this book would make a fine addition to my collection.

  18. SK says

    I love to try new recipes. This sounds like it’s right up my alley. Especially since it seems these recipes are low in carbs but still taste delicious. Chag Kosher V’sameach

  19. Barbara F. says

    This cookbook looks like fun! I like the two sample recipes, too, especially the poached chicken one. Looks like a good summer recipe, actually. I love to try new things during Passover, so looking beyond the potato sounds perfect! Thanks for the chance to win. And Happy Pesach!

  20. Chayah Navaah says

    Wow a spud free peasch!!!.I do not have a problem cooking or using is that lately they have lost their appeal.Excuse the pun.
    This book looks like it is a winner full of creative fresh ideas.Yum

  21. Marcia says

    I am amazed at how many responses you get when you are giving something away. I shouldn’t be because you have a great web site. You may revolutionize pesach with this book.

  22. YDG says

    I saw this cookbook advertised last year, but passed it by…But, once I found out that Aviva is Rayna’s sister, that made me so much more excited about the cookbook, and about getting it!! What an amazing idea – a potato-less Pesach!

  23. says

    A spuds free Pesach is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been trying to go starch free for years and this is the cookbook for it. Thank you!

  24. Ruth P says

    This year for the first time in almost forty years my family’s seder is changing location and hosts. I am charged with helping my mother prepare numerous items for at least nineteen people (it is usually about thirty six people). Many of us have various allergies and food restrictions. So many kosher for Passover desserts call for potato starch. I look forward to winning your book so that I can wow my family with numerous treats and possibly start some new traditions.