Jeff Nathan’s Passover Gluten-Free Panko

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Good Moed and Good Shabbos to all GKC readers!
Hope your holiday is going well. We had two amazing seders and great day meals too. Some highlights were of course the children’s participation, having the family together and some great menu items including Brisket with Tzimmes, Grapefruit and Fennel Salad, Quinoa with Roasted Garlic and Tomatoes, Healthy Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Sorbet, and we love the Passover Granola!

I wanted to share a new product that I used in numerous ways over Yom Tov.
Jeff Nathan’s Passover Gluten-Free Panko
Great taste, and especially great texture. Crispy and so similar to the regular version that they were amazing on Passover. I used them for breaded chicken and fish, sprinkled them on a veal stew, and tossed them in a kale salad. The possibilities are endless! Try them atop a kugel for a crunchy topping, as part of the filling for stuffed mushrooms, or toasted on roasted vegetables for a great finishing touch.
Thanks Jeff Nathan for sharing another great product with GKC!
Available at many kosher markets, Walmart and online

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