Jeff Nathan’s Passover Gluten-Free Panko


I wanted to share a new product that I used in numerous ways over Yom Tov.
Jeff Nathan’s Passover Gluten-Free Panko
Great taste, and especially great texture. Crispy and so similar to the regular version that they were amazing on Passover.

Passover Breakfast


With all the cooking we do, it’s funny but the kids still wake up hungry. “ Seriously, you don’t want another yogurt and we are out of that yucky Passover cereal? And No! You cannot start the day with another brownie”, sound familiar? This year we have a few recipes that will potentially start your… 

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Many people do not buy pre-made condiments on Passover and make things on their own. I’ve had numerous requests for better Passover Mayonnaise and sauces so here are a few recipes to help. Each can be made with homemade mayonnaise or substitute store-bought mayonnaise in each recipe and just improve the store bought version. Homemade… ...

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Making meringue is like making magic or something from nothing.  The liquid egg whites look so plain and simple and with the right technique, the pillowy, soft and cloud-like meringue result is just beautiful.  Meringue is also basic and necessary for Passover.  So here are a few tips for great meringue beauty and taste: -  Don’t… 

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Separating Eggs


Eggs are easiest to separate when they are cold because the yolk is firmer and less likely to break. But when it comes to beating whites, it’s best to have them at room temperature t. They’ll have more liquid viscosity than when they are cold which permits air to be easily incorporated into them to build volume. After separating the egg whites, let them sit at room temperature, it will take about 15 minutes.

Menus from 2014 New Recipes and Past Menus Too!

Menus, menus, menus, Finally, here they are for all of you who requested them. Tons of options, mix and match and remember to write down what you like so you can repeat it the next year (no one will remember, it’s a whole year later!).
In fact, my kids look forward to the dairy meal, of French Onion Soup with Matza melted cheese, Herb Topped Salmon, Crispy Homefries, Farmer Cheese Loaf (from one of Susie’s books), and lots of roasted vegetables, and salads. We serve homemade ice cream or store-bought ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce. They love it and ask what meal is the French Onion Soup meal!

How to Substitute Ingredients for Passover


Trying to figure out how to convert standard recipes to Passover recipes is confusing and often does not work because baking (and sometimes cooking too) is like chemistry and the balance of ingredients really impacts the final product. Too much of this or too little of that can completely ruin a dish.



I love all your emails and I get lots of them! Keep them coming. Many of you have been requesting more kugel recipes for Passover. So here are 3 Kugel recipes that you will enjoy. The Cabbage and Broccoli Kugel can be frozen and defrosted in the refrigerator then warmed in a low oven

Beyond Flourless Chocolate Cake

Passover desserts are delicious. I always keep lots of chocolate around because it’s just a wonderful ingredient and perfect for Passover. We all have many recipes for great flourless chocolate cake so I put together a few other desserts that include lush chocolate but are not what everyone else is serving.



GKC has been a big fan of Osem for years. We are always excited about their new products because they really listen to the customers and continue to improve their products based on that feedback. For example, we vote Osem’s soup and seasoning mixes (really important ingredient for Passover), the best on the market.