Giveaway: Gluten- Free Passover Panko


Great Passover Product Alert! Gluten- Free Passover Panko Gluten-Free Passover Panko in 3 Flavors, Plain, Cajun, and Seasoned created by Jeff Nathan, award-winning celebrity chef and restaurateur (chef and owner of Abigael’s in NYC) is now available and it’s a great product, especially for Passover. Jeff Nathan, created this great tasting, crispy, and crunchy Passover… ...

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Giveaway: The Passover Menu by Paula Shoyer


Paula Shoyer, best-selling author of The Kosher Baker and The Holiday Kosher Baker is back with an amazing cookbook for Passover. The Passover Menu is filled with menus and creative recipes that will delight and impress your family and guests. She provides beautiful table setting ideas and tons of Passover conversions tips too. Check out… 

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Giveaway: Breezy’s Oven to Table pan


Breezy’s in Cedarhurst has the most beautiful, chic, and necessary items for gifts, for a Passover treat to yourself, or for any time of year. Check out her gift items on facebook. She has the trendiest and most beautiful seasonal items too plus a FULL line of cake decorating supplies, from adorable cupcake wrappers, toppers, molds, piping tools and more to edible toppings that are so hard to find.